Tea Project

The    company    was    established    in    1997    for    the    production    of    automatic    transplanting machines for grenhouses. During   the   last   few   years,   due   to   the   increasing   demand   for   automation   in   that   sector,   the company   has   widened   its   range,   offering   automatic   trimming   machines,   robots,   pot   moving systems, etc...

Why a Tea Project machine?

Reliability   and   flexibility in   the    realization   of machines   and   systems  are the   main   points   that permitted    to    TEA    Project    to    become one    of    the most    important    european    company    in transplanting machine. The   close   cooperation   with   some   of   the   most   important   world   companies   specialized   in the supplying    of   technology   for growers  allowed    a   big   technological   evolution. Actually   TEA Project   is   able   to   produce   a wide   range   of   models, highly   user   friendy   and   designed   for   all sizes of greenhouses.
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