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TEA 1500 J

This   transplanter   is   the   ideal   combination   for   pot   fillers   with straight pottrack. It can place up to 7 plants in the same pot. Pick-up   can   be   from   more   than   one   tray   at   the   same   time, allowing it to completely empty them. Transplanting takes place directly on the pot filler. This   machine   can   be   connected   with   all   pot   fillers   with   pottrack outside of the machine’s body, or with a chain transport system. Main specifications : Up   to   12   gripping   heads   (maximum   output:   1200   plants/hour   per head) It picks up from max. 2 trays at the same time Low consumption and low running costs. Ideal for companies that already have a pot filler available. Self-learning software included in the price of the machine. Pick-up movement from the top or from the side. Up   to   99   pick-up   +   99   placing   programs   can   be   stored   in   the computer. Individually motorized gripping heads.
TEA 1500 J
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