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TEA 600 N

A   compact   machine,   derived   from   much   experience   in   the   field of   transplanting.   Easy   to   use,   it   has   a   high   output   without   the need   for   frequent   maintenance.   Suitable   for   growers   looking   for performance without sacrificing flexibility. Up   to   12   transplanting   heads;   output:   approx   1200   plugs/hour per head. Computer     controlled     for     accuracy     and     versatility,     it     can transplant   from   virtually   any   plug   tray   into   almost   any   pot   or pack   configuration.   Trays   can   be   fed   lengthways   or   widthways through the machine to increase the transplanting options. Programming   for   different   trays   is   achieved   by   entering   the   tray dimensions   into   the   computer   memory.   The   memory   can   be recalled   at   the   touch   of   a   button   and   no   tools   are   required   when changing trays and packs. Main specifications: New, easy to use software. Switchable side-pickup option. Up   to   99   pickup   +   99   placing   programs   can   be   stored   in   the computer. Individually motorized gripping heads.
TEA 600 N
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