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TEA 600 R

This    machine,    the    latest    in   Tea    Project’s    range,    is    ready    to become the new standard for pot robots. This   robot   is   designed   for   loading   pots   from   a   conveyor   or   pot filler   into   trays,   or   removing   them   from   trays   and   placing   them on a conveyor. Manufactured   in   accordance   with   the   latest   standards,   it   has   a computer   similar   to   that   used   on   the   transplanter,   and   is   fully programmable. Main specifications: Electronic speed control. Adaptable to all pot filling machines currently on the market. The    shape    and    diameter    of    the    pot    are    programmable    and retained in memory. Maximum output: 1000 cycles/hour. It is possible to work with trays with offset rows. It can also place packs.
TEA 600 R
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